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How to organize an eco-responsible wedding?

To the delight of the planet, we have been discovering for a few years the rise of eco-responsible marriage which aims to limit the ecological footprint of its ceremony through choices such as simplicity, minimalism but above all ecology. and ethics when planning your wedding. In addition, choosing to organize an eco-responsible wedding also means choosing to keep the essentials and remove the superfluous.

eco-responsible wedding: carbon footprint of a wedding

Indeed, we devote a lot of time to the organization of a wedding but we also tend to neglect its important impact on the environment. Between travel, food, decoration and waste, the carbon footprint is estimated at around 15 tons, which is almost double the greenhouse gas emissions of one person for a year.

A few recommendations for a 100% eco-responsible wedding

Between ethical wedding dresses, ecological decoration, organic menus with seasonal products, eco-responsible weddings are becoming more than a trend. Indeed, these last years have been synonymous with awareness of the environment and sustainable development. The choice of an ecological wedding is therefore today a way of showing a real commitment to the protection of our planet. For this, we offer you some tips to make the most beautiful day of your life, as responsible as possible towards the environment.

eco-responsible wedding accessories

The place

Travel alone represents more than half of the carbon footprint of weddings. It is for this reason that it is important to be strategic in choosing the place where your reception will take place. Ideally, it is strongly recommended that it be close to the place of the ceremony in order to avoid journeys. You can also encourage your guests to carpool or take public transport in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The choice of providers for an eco-responsible wedding

In the same vein, you can organize yourself by choosing a service provider who understands your commitment to respecting the environment. The eco-responsible wedding is becoming more and more requested by the bride and groom. There is therefore an emergence of specialized service providers in this field. They will therefore be able to provide you with advice as well as answers as to the different choices you will have to make, particularly those concerning the meal or the decoration. Keep in mind that it is always better for you (and for the planet) to use local suppliers. This will allow you to limit travel but also to save time.

For the wedding meal, the objective will be to make environmentally friendly choices that will limit waste but also excess waste. For this, you can favor a menu based on fresh and local seasonal products and possibly limit meat products. Regarding decoration, why choose to buy objects that will eventually gather dust in your cellar when you can rent, hunt, borrow or even recycle them? You can also turn to seasonal flowers and plants to mark the natural.

Choosing the right dress and wedding rings

When choosing an eco-responsible wedding, the outfits as well as the jewelry and in particular the wedding band are chosen second-hand. This will allow you, at the same time, to have something old or borrowed on you on your wedding day, as tradition dictates!

The dress

eco-responsible wedding

We all know that finding THE perfect wedding dress is not easy. Who doesn’t dream of a magnificent unique dress, symbol of this unforgettable day and which could possibly be passed on to children? Several options are available to you if you want to choose your dress while remaining in the eco-responsible approach. Why not borrow your mother’s wedding dress and give it a second life? Of course you can also turn to a second-hand purchase or rental. It is nevertheless true that it is not an obvious choice because the wedding dress remains the memory of a life that we would like to keep for life and possibly pass on to our children, for this, there is also the option of choice. of a committed and responsible brand. You will both save money and do something for the planet.

The wedding ring

Classic alliance in yellow gold - old alliance
Classic wedding band in yellow gold

The best for the end ! The wedding band is the ultimate symbol of eternal love and commitment that you will wear on your fingers for the rest of your life. For the record, it was a simple iron ring that appeared during Antiquity and was worn on the left ring finger because according to an Egyptian belief, there would be a vein that would connect this finger directly to the heart.

At Noir Carat, we are committed to choosing for you, Vintage and unique pieces, unearthed with passion. We are therefore committed to limiting the ecological impact by offering you a selection of second-hand jewellery, only in 18-carat gold, a quality, solid and timeless material in order to limit the ecological impact linked to gold extraction. , an extremely polluting process.

Our jewels are authentic and bearers of history. Choosing a Vintage wedding ring means making a commitment to the environment while creating your own story that can be passed on from generation to generation.

And what’s more, according to an old tradition, wearing old clothes at your wedding is a symbol of happiness and longevity. What more ?

You are passionate about antique jewelry and want to discover our collections of gems in preview?

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