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Vintage alliance for a retro wedding

If you have a taste for the authentic and you like the charm of yesteryear, you will most certainly fall for a retro wedding. An unmissable trend of recent years, the 20s/50s theme is on the rise among brides and grooms. And who says retro wedding, necessarily says Vintage alliance!

Choosing an old wedding ring for your wedding is a question of style, but not only. In fact, by buying a second-hand wedding ring, you are also doing something for the planet! Durable, unalterable and full of poetry, the antique wedding ring is also a guarantee of longevity and carries a strong symbolism.

Vintage lace wedding dress, old objects, Vintage jewelry: don’t hesitate to rummage through your grandparents’ closets for your D-Day outfit and for the decoration of the ceremony place!

vintage retro wedding ring
Women’s Vintage Accessories and Alliance for Retro Bride

How do I choose my Vintage wedding ring?

You are tempted by the opportunity but do not really know how to choose among the offers that are offered to you? Find out here which material to choose and how to find a style that suits you.

Vintage wedding ring in 18 carat gold

When choosing your retro wedding ring, it is essential to choose a solid and unalterable material because you will have to wear it all your life! For this, opt for an 18-carat gold wedding ring. This material contains 75% gold and 25% other metals to give it resistance to corrosion, deformation and shock. 18-carat gold is the guarantee of being able, one day, to pass on your wedding ring to your children.

Whether you choose a Vintage pink, white or yellow gold wedding band, you will therefore need to pay attention to the carat numbers.

It is important to ensure the authenticity of your antique wedding ring. The seller must be able to provide you with a certificate concerning the metal of the jewel and the stones or pearls that compose it. The latter constitutes a ten-year guarantee according to the characteristics of the jewel specified at the time of purchase.

Marked Vintage Retro Style

Your wedding ring must be a real favourite: it will accompany you on a daily basis for many years to come. It must therefore stick to the retro theme of your wedding but also, that its style really speaks to you!

Indeed, choosing an antique wedding ring, whatever its style, will be in keeping with the Vintage wedding theme anyway. You are free to choose an American wedding ring, a band, a simple ring, a domed ring, an Art Deco ring, etc.

American Diamond Wedding Bands
American Diamond Alliances

For those of you who are still hesitating, discover how choosing a vintage jewel is a way to stand out, to own a unique gem and especially, how it is a committed and eco-responsible act.

Unique Vintage Wedding Ring

Deciding to choose a Vintage wedding ring is the assurance of having a unique jewel. These original pieces have survived the ages. They have their own stories and bring a very romantic symbolism to your wedding ring. True treasures of jewelry, they have a marked style and their beauty is timeless.

Second hand wedding rings: a few grams of gold saved

A true ecological act, your antique wedding ring allows you to limit the environmental impact of your wedding. Indeed, the 3,300 tons of gold extracted annually in the world have devastating effects on the environment.

Carat black for my Vintage wedding ring

We are proud to have chosen circular jewelry and to defend a sustainable consumption mode. This in order to protect the planet as well as the generations to come. Noir Carat is also committed to choosing strong pieces with a resolutely vintage style. Gems unearthed with passion by Fanny, throughout France. Our wedding rings are handpicked and restored: it’s up to you to write a new page in their history!

Discover the Vintage Noir Carat wedding rings

You are passionate about antique jewelry and want to discover our collections of gems in preview?

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