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Upkeep guide

All Noir Carat jewels are certified in 18-carat gold, a noble and solid material. So you can wear them every day. It is a real desire at Noir Carat: you must consider your jewelry as your life partners. They must accompany you in your life, share your experiences, and go through the years with you. They have to live. Quite simply.

Basic recommendations

When it comes to antique jewelry, it is important to take a few precautions. Indeed, with time, even gold jewelry can lose some of its shine.
We have listed for you the main factors as well as the appropriate measures to take for each one:

  • Sweating. Oxygen and sulfur combined with moisture are the most common causes of tarnishing. Therefore, it is recommended to take off your jewelry when doing sports. It should also be noted that we are unequal on this point, perspiration in some people may alter the jewelry more quickly (a question of acidity & PH)
  • Perfume. The alcohol in it may alter the color or appearance of your jewelry. One piece of advice: put on perfume before putting on your jewelry. This also applies to lacquer.
  • Cosmetic products (creams, balms, oils) can clog your jewelry. It is best to remove your jewelry before using it.
  • Household products and other detergents. For this category there is no compromise possible. If your heart is set on a sudden urge to clean up, remember to remove your rings first!

Avoid contact with other jewelry as much as possible. Even if it is exclusively gold jewelry, jewelers recommend storing it individually and not in the same box. And if you wear a gold ring side by side with a plated ring, beware because the latter may be damaged quickly (tarnishing, blackening, etc). Plated jewelry is fragile and friction is often fatal, especially if the plating is thin

Maintaining your jewelry

A very simple technique is to soak your jewelry in a bowl of hot soapy water (Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid) for 30 minutes. Then brush it with a small soft brush. If the jewel is very dirty, you can replace the soap and rub the jewel with a little baking soda or toothpaste. Finally, rinse with clear water and wipe gently with a soft cloth like chamois.

Maintenance of jewelry with stones

As for general maintenance, place your jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water for about 30 minutes. If the stone is particularly dirty, you can clean it with a microfiber cloth soaked in water and a drop of 70° alcohol. Rinse. Dry with a clean dry cloth.
Be careful, do not use a brush or baking soda on a stone, whether it is precious or semi-precious, as you may scratch it.
Some stones are also photo-sensitive, i.e. sensitive to light and especially to UV rays. Their colors may fade when exposed to intense light. Remember to remove them when sunbathing or going to a tanning salon.
Finally, although not all stones have the same hardness, they can all break if they receive a shock in the wrong place, so avoid wearing this jewelry when moving heavy objects, playing sports, swimming and sleeping.

Maintenance of pearl jewelry

Pearls are different from stones, they are more fragile and can be scratched more easily.
Unlike other jewelry, pearls retain their beauty in slightly damp places. Locked in a chest or jewelry box for many years, the pearl will suffer from dryness and eventually crack.
Also be careful with perfume, cosmetics and excessive perspiration which can eventually alter the whiteness of the pearls.
For cleaning, you can use a damp cloth and then let your beads air dry.

You know everything!

If you are curious or want to know MORE about stones, gold and its different types (9 carats, 14 carats, 18 carats etc), you can consult our “Blog” section.

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