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Noir Carat :
an ethical and sustainable choice,
and rich in meaning.

Noir Carat Rings

Three meaningful pillars.

At Noir Carat, we offer a precise and careful selection of vintage and timeless 18K gold jewelry. But this selection only makes sense when it is put in perspective with the values we defend.

  • Stand out

    • Unique antique pieces selected for their cachet and their resolutely vintage look.
    • A way to distinguish oneself, to fight against standardization and to assert one's own style.
    • A powerful symbolism endowed around the ancient jewel : to reappropriate the history and then to transmit it.
  • Getting back to basics

    • A desire to focus on quality by consuming less but better.
    • A circular fashion that goes against the mass production of jewelry.
    • A return to the roots, to authenticity: reconnecting with the past and making it last for future generations.
    • An 18 carat gold jewel = a jewel for life.
  • Taking responsibility

    • Second hand jewelry refurbished: an ethical and sustainable choice that allows to limit its ecological impact on the planet.
    • An alternative to the relentless extraction of gold, an industry with devastating effects on the environment.
    • The need to respect people: to fight against the precariousness of the living and working conditions of gold miners, most of whom are illegal.
Fanny, Founder of Noir Carat

I realized that my antique jewelry, the family jewelry, that had been passed down to me was not moving.
Beyond having a life and a soul, they were faithful and devoted to me.

Discover the history of Noir Carat

From old to new, a sustainable process

1. The search for gems

All our jewelry is second hand, chosen and chinaed with love. We offer, always on a base of 18 carat gold, a selection of antique jewelry adorned with many stones : Emerald, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Agate, Turquoise, Pearl, ...

Note that 18 carat gold is the best quality of gold in jewelry : classic, resistant and unalterable. It requires very little maintenance to last over time.

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At Noir Carat you will find mainly feminine antique jewelry, in 18 carat gold :

  • Antique rings
  • Vintage earrings
  • Pendants and antique cameos
  • Antique brooches
  • Gold chains and bracelets

2. Renovation of antique jewelry

Each gem is scrupulously restored in our workshop.

The jewels are then thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and then restored, polished, shined... The stones are loosened and tightened if necessary. Each piece of jewelry being unique, its repair will be specific to it and will take more or less time depending on its history and its experience.

These traditional maintenance techniques aim to revive the original beauty of these treasures and to restore the brilliance of the noble material that 18-carat gold represents.

In addition, we now offer a recycled gold collection of medals and chains. These unique pieces are created with jewels that could not be restored because they were too damaged or too worn by time. In our workshop, these fragments of gold are melted down and we give them life again! Thanks to the gold casting, it becomes possible to personalize your jewel, by choosing the engraving on your medal or the length of your chain.

Personalize a jewel Discover our gems

3. Our customer commitments

At Noir Carat, we take special care to accompany you in the purchase of your antique jewelry. We are here to answer all your questions and help you in the search and choice of your unique jewel, such as an antique Art Deco engagement ring.

We also put a point of honor on the certification and authentication of our jewelry. Each jewel is sold with a certificate, this one represents the "identity card" of the jewel, it proves the value of this old jewel and its existence in your heritage.

In an ever more responsible approach, our jewelry is delivered in beautiful pouches hand-sewn in France with second hand fabric. For the record, when Noir Carat was created, the bags were already made in France, but by the in-laws of Fanny, the designer. As orders came in and the brand's reputation grew, it became necessary to produce larger quantities of sleeves. This delicate task was then entrusted to the association Les Récoupettes : a ressourcerie in second hand thread arts, which allows 100% reuse and therefore a zero waste consumption. This social and solidarity economy (SSE) company is perfectly in line with the responsible consumption that Noir Carat advocates.

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