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Accueil / The Vintage trend deciphered

The Vintage trend deciphered

We hear this word everywhere these last years, but what is Vintage? How to explain this trend of Vintage, its rise and its triumph?

Let’s start with the etymology, Vintage is a term that comes from the wine world and also from… French! If you remember, it was already the case for the word “turquoise” which also has a French etymology (for those who missed the info, here is the article in question). In short, and then we are surprised that the French are chauvinistic!
The word Vintage is therefore a derivative of the French word ” vendange “. It designates a wine that is remarkable for its quality, particularly in reference to an age or a vintage. In other words, it is a synonym for “vintage”. We speak for example of Vintage port or Vintage champagne when they are of exceptional quality because of their vintages. Generally, we talk about Vintage when they are less than 10 years old, 20 years old for the purists.

Then, we can say that Vintage is a trend.

Contrary to a fashion phenomenon, a trend must be sociologically readable, stable over time and establish a meaning. This trend of Vintage has been forged over the last ten years and it has been nourished by three parameters that I will present to you.

Vintage trend: an economic need

I will quickly pass on the economic need, less interesting from the “journalistic” point of view (first article and I already have the melon…!) Indeed it goes without saying that with equal quality (art objects and collections aside), a second-hand part remains a priori less expensive than a new part. Given the current economic climate, the opportunity to save money and pay less is indeed attractive.

Tendance Vintage : an eco-responsible conscience

Then comes the ecological concern, and here it becomes interesting. Vintage allows you to limit your ecological footprint by consuming products that have already been produced.

It is a mode of consumption in contrast to fast fashion, whose opaque production leaves much to be desired and whose conditions are often difficult to trace.

The underlying project of Vintage is to build a society that is more equitable, more progressive and to be aware of the reality of the work of certain workers, especially in remote areas of the world.

Buying second hand is also participating in the fight against programmed obsolescence and thus fighting against the throwaway. For example, it is clear that for jewelry, the quality of products is often remarkable, the rings are well produced. No gold plating, but quality raw materials such as 18-carat gold.

In this regard, feel free to take a look at our article on the differences between Gold, Vermeil, Gold Plated, etc.

Vintage trend: a philosophical concern

Be careful, we’re getting into the psycho! My favorite part ^^

Stand out

Among Vintage lovers, there is a real desire to distinguish oneself, towrite one’s own story, to stand out from the crowd, to fight against the standardization of the world. The idea with the second hand is to get off the beaten track by being assured for example to have a unique jewel, not to cross an identical piece, not to look like everyone.

This jewel, we reappropriate it, we feed it with a real or imaginary story, we are part of a filiation, in this long chain of people who would have worn this same jewel. The Vintage trend has a strong cultural dimension, thanks to it we explore the corners of history.

The return to the authentic

It is a question of re-enchanting one’s relationship with objects that are sometimes a bit faded by over-consumerism, re-enchanting one’s consumption that has been lost with fast fashion, sometimes disgusting with an accumulation of objects without value, one replacing the other.

There is a desire, even an obsession for authenticity, which is reassuring. Fashion traditionally imposes on us artificiality, superficiality, frivolity. With Vintage, we go to the heart of things, to the authentic, to the history, to the truth.


Finally, I will end by talking about the idea that many of us are familiar with: the idea of the mystified past. The past as a glorious and untouchable time. With the Vintage trend, we take refuge in the past, we revive the jewelry of our grandparents for example. There is a reassuring madeleine de Proust side that helps us fight our fear of the future.

According to a study commissioned in 2018 by the Center for Economic Research, “the French would be 70% to wish to live in a bygone era rather than in the future.”

Through Vintage, we do not seek to resurrect what is no longer but rather to make what exists last, to continue what has begun.

That’s what nostalgia is all about. And for my part, I am a very nostalgic person, I feel this pleasure to make the past last, to extend it to the maximum, hence the birth of Noir Carat….!

If you too are nostalgic, or simply curious, leave us a comment and join the adventure!

You are passionate about antique jewelry and would like to discover our collections of nuggets in preview?

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