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Accueil / The underbelly of the gold industry

The underbelly of the gold industry

Did you know that? Intensive gold production has significant impacts on the environment.

Noir Carat offers a selection of Vintage 18K gold jewelry. Unique and second hand pieces. But why this will of the Vintage?

Vintage allows us to reconnect with the transmission, it has the power to make pieces from the past last for future generations.

But above all, Vintage comes from the second hand. Vintage jewelry is ethical, it does not involve production. It is also a sustainable jewel in that it allows you to limit your ecological footprint by adopting an eco-responsible consumption mode.

Gold industry: environmental impact

The gold industry has impacts on the environment that are not well known by the general public, but they are far from being harmless. It is important to know that the 3,300 tons of gold extracted annually in the world have devastating effects on the environment.

Gold environmental impacts

Among the ecological disasters linked to gold mining, we can mention :

  • deforestation
  • the release of chemical components into the environment
  • contamination of rivers and groundwater with mercury (an ultra-harmful component for humans and animals)
  • the use of explosives that destroy and degrade the flora and fauna.

Note that to obtain 0.24g of gold, 1 ton of waste is produced. An average-sized gold ring alone produces 20 tons of highly toxic waste….

The largest gold mines discharge up to 1,900 tons of cyanide per year into the environment. These practices lead to the pollution of rivers and the destruction of entire ecosystems, provoking the anger of the indigenous populations who depend on them, in total disregard of their rights.

Human rights violated

The ravages of the gold industry also extend to the human sphere with the immense precariousness of the living and working conditions of gold miners.

More than a million miners are paid less than a dollar a day, suffering from accidents, forced labor and violence. A lack of regulations and dehumanizing working conditions.

The women are the lowest paid workers, they are often waitresses in nearby restaurants or they carry very heavy 20L water cans to sift the Gold. They are often divorcees or widows who have lost their land and property through divorce or the death of their husbands. Working girls are often approached by mine workers and sexually exploited.

Even young children are put to work by their parents. 1 million children between the ages of 5 and 7, according to theInternational Labour Organization. It is an easy and cheap labor. Her children are also exposed to mercury and cyanide, highly toxic products.

Gold supply exceeds demand

Today, there is enough gold already mined to cover the demand of the entire jewelry industry for the next 50 years! In this context where there is no shortage of gold resources, Vintage antique jewelry represents an ethical alternative that makes sense.

For this reason, Noir Carat is proud to defend and choose circular jewelry, thus reducing the impact of gold on the environment. A sustainable way of consumption that fights against the extraction and production of gold. A reasoned and responsible choice to protect the planet and future generations.

Adopting one of our nuggets means reviving a treasure from the past, wearing a responsible piece of jewelry, and affirming your convictions. Whether you prefer rings, earrings, pendants. Our nuggets are here to try to change things (a little). Each on his own scale but together for a better world.

You are passionate about antique jewelry and would like to discover our collections of nuggets in preview?

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