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Accueil / Tank ring : an ancient jewel marked by history

Tank ring : an ancient jewel marked by history

The Tank ring is undoubtedly an antique jewel of character, with an imposing style that reflects all the power of the person who wears it. Stemming from the retro art movement, largely influenced by a dark period of human history, it is recognizable among all. This sumptuous jewel, a symbol of strength and success, is distinguished by its sculptural lines and exuberant volume.

The Tank ring of 1940

Two tone gold tank ring set with a white stone - vintage ring

The Tank ring had its heyday during the years 1935 to 1950 and was at its peak during the 1940s. A new trend then affects all Western countries which, in this period of war, advocate the return to more marked and structured forms. Gone are the curves and rounded lines of the Art Deco movement!

The Retro Art Current

The Retro Art current finds its source in the surrealist art in which oneirism and fantasy are honored. Cubism has largely influenced this current. This artistic movement of the beginning of the century, greatly represented by the artist Pablo Picasso, puts in perspective the different points of view around the same object. In this trend, design trumps vision.

retro art current pablo picasso
Pablo Picasso – The Birdcage

Thus, men and women of the 40s are oriented towards fashion items, architecture and even cars with imposing volumes and complex lines.

The birth of Tank jewelry

The massive Tank jewels appear in these troubled times by the war where the supply of precious metals is difficult. For some, they represent an investment. A way to protect their capital by placing them in easily transportable objects. In fact, families melted down all the gold they owned to turn it into a ring. For others, the jewelry is a way to showcase their success in the war business.

This particular jewel takes its name from the tanks and buildings of this particular period.

How to recognize a Tank ring ?

As you can see, Tank jewels are mainly recognizable by their volume and their chiseled lines. But a Tank ring is not only that!

Thick yellow gold tank ring with white stones - retro ring

A gold ring set with stones

A Vintage Tank ring is distinguished by its design in yellow gold exclusively, far from the white metals of the Art Deco era. It is generally decorated with stones, mainly diamonds but also synthetic stones.

Indeed, the use of synthetic stones in jewelry was common in the 1940s. At that time, the extraction of natural gemstones for jewelry was not the priority! This does not detract from the exceptional quality of these jewels because the stones were set on solid gold jewelry.

A Vintage style that is proudly assumed

The Tank ring may seem difficult to wear on a daily basis. Indeed, it is a heavy and massive ring that imposes. She is noticed and never goes unnoticed. This jewel will be perfect for those who want to stand out!

It goes perfectly with a leather perfecto for a rock style hyper trend.

50's yellow gold tank bridge ring with white stone - second hand ring
50’s yellow gold tank ring with an oxide

And not to spoil anything, acquiring a Tank ring is for you the assurance to wear a unique jewel. Indeed, the Tank rings are no longer manufactured today and therefore represent a real treasure of our history. Moreover, if they are voluminous it does not mean that they are not feminine. And yes, this jewel was mostly worn by women in the 40s.

Finally, the Tank jewelry was mainly made in France, so it is a jewel all the more eco-responsible!

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