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Accueil / Garnet stone : strength and light

Garnet stone : strength and light

Garnet stone is a fine stone, appreciated since antiquity for its beautiful dark red translucent color. It presents, in fact, a very wide range of colors, which give it, without doubt, a mysterious and bewitching side. Noir Carat tells you all about garnet jewelry, its history, its virtues and its meaning.

The characteristics of the garnet stone

The garnet stone takes its name from the pomegranate fruit. Indeed, the word Garnet, comes from the Latin “granatus” which means grain. There is also a similarity between the color of the stone and that of the fruit: red.


Not to be confused with ruby, the red of garnet jewelry is deep, even brown. It is, moreover, only in natural light that garnet reveals all its nuances and brilliance. This fine stone offers an amazing diversity of shades, which is explained by the differences in its composition. It is part of the Silicate family and is composed of aluminum, iron or calcium silicate. These are the ones that influence its color.

There are nine varieties of garnet stone: pyrope, almandine, spessartite, rhodolite, grossular, hessonite, Tsavorite, demantoid and vanadium. The most common are the pyrope garnet and the almandine garnet. They offer a dark red with brown or purple undertones.

Garnet is also considered a bloodstone, extremely positive and energetic.

The history of Garnet

Garnet stone has been known since ancient times and was already used in the manufacture of jewelry. It was used in ancient Egypt to protect young children from evil spirits. Garnets were also used to accompany the deceased on their final journey, lighting their way to the afterlife.

The garnet has a place in religious history, particularly in the Bible. Indeed, this stone would have been used by Noah to light and direct his ark in the darkness of the flood.

garnet stone in the bible
Tobby Rolland – The last unicorn

Bloodstone, garnet stone is also associated with fighting and more particularly with the crusades. It was thought at the time that this made the knights invulnerable under their armor.

As you can see, there have been many beliefs about this stone throughout the ages and it continues to fascinate jewellers and lithotherapists.

Garnet stone meaning & virtues

The red stone would have both physical and psychological benefits. It stimulates, energizes and purifies its bearer.

Physical virtues

Garnet is said to be beneficial to the heart and blood circulation. The latter would have a detoxifying and toning action on the body. It would give energy and would be perfect for the winter season during which fatigue is felt. It is moreover, the birthstone of the month of January.

Spiritual virtues

Garnet stone is a positive attitude! It would bring self-confidence, joy of living and would absorb negativity. Stone of transformation and commitment, it would help to overcome the difficulties of the life and to reach its objectives.

Treat yourself with an antique garnet ring !

Among all the garnet jewels that have been designed for centuries, our preference goes without a doubt to the garnet ring. Both discreet and mysterious, the antique garnet ring combines perfectly with the 18-carat gold we are so fond of at Noir Carat. You can easily wear it with a pink quartz ring. The two stones marry wonderfully and would have, together, virtues on the love. An antique garnet ring is a real gem, a must have!

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