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The engagement ring through the ages

In many cultures, the engagement is the first step towards the strong commitment of marriage. It is customary to offer an engagement ring when proposing marriage. If it is now a must for the future bride and groom, it has not always been the same. Discover its history, what it symbolizes and why you should choose a Vintage engagement ring.

Where does the engagement ring come from?

The engagement ring appeared in antiquity as a simple iron ring. At the time, she came to seal a contract between the two families to validate an arranged marriage.

Classic alliance in yellow gold - old alliance

It was then worn on the left ring finger because a popular Egyptian belief, dating back to well before that time, was that this finger was directly connected to the heart.
This adds a touch of romance to this formality.

It is in the Middle Ages that the engagement ring will evolve and be set with a solitary diamond. At the time, the Archduke Maximilian, inspired by Agnes Sorel, mistress of Charles VII, decided to give a diamond ring to his bride. Since then, the set engagement ring became a symbol of marital fidelity, replacing the iron ring without a gemstone. For the nobility, the engagement was, at that time, a way to formalize the union of the two families but also to impress the court and show off their wealth. The ring and the party had to be sumptuous!

It is in the 15th century that we begin to distinguish the engagement ring from the wedding ring. The first one is set with one or more precious stones while, the wedding ring is a more sober ring.

Symbol of love and eternity

The nuptial ring is a symbol of the union between two beings.

engagement ring

The Egyptians saw in the circle a symbol of eternity, so the ring means eternal love. Also a pledge of fidelity, the engagement ring is worn on the right or left hand depending on the culture.
In France, we wear it, as well as the wedding ring on the left ring finger since the 16th century.

Why the left hand?

As mentioned above, an Egyptian belief is that there is a vein of love, vena amoris, directly connecting the ring finger of the left hand to the heart. If from an anatomical point of view, this belief is false, the symbolism of love has remained strong.

The diamond is a symbol of goodness and purity.

“Rare joy of invincible opulence and refractory to all violence, which is broken by the action of goat’s blood” Pliny the Elder

The diamond is thus opposed to evil.

In astrology, the diamond would promote love and understanding. It is also a symbol of eternal love.

A vintage engagement ring

The choice of the ring for a marriage proposal could be the subject of an entire article as it is so delicate.

It should perfectly match the person who will wear it: his style, his convictions. Giving such a ring is a commitment and the beginning of a new story that will last a lifetime.

Wedding rings must be timeless and solid because they will be worn for many years, perhaps even passed on from generation to generation.

Choosing to offer an antique ring is an original, ecological, romantic and qualitative choice.

Ecological, because buying a second hand ring is the first step towards a zero waste wedding, for future brides and grooms who are concerned about their impact on the environment.

Qualitative, because a ring in 18 carat gold, decorated with a diamond or another precious stone is a guarantee of unequalled longevity.

Romantic, because this ring holds many secrets, it has its history and it is up to you to open a new page. A Vintage ring in 18 carat gold is a guarantee that it will be passed on from generation to generation.

Solitaire, Marguerite ring, Marquise ring, Art Deco ring… The choice is vast!

In addition to a quality ring, you will be sure to offer an original and unique ring like the one you love.

All that’s left to do is organize your request!

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