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Recycled gold: an ecological alternative for your jewelry

Faced with a growing demand for gold in the world and considering the negative social and environmental impacts of gold mining, it seems vital to find a more ecological solution to the creation of our jewelry. Human rights violations, waste of water resources, soil pollution… the list of misdeeds of the gold industry is long. We have often talked about it at Noir Carat and it is, moreover, one of the main reasons for the existence of our online jewelry store: to save, each year, a few grams of gold from the mines. In our fight for a more responsible jewelry, we have created medals and chains made of recycled gold. What is recycled gold ? How is gold recycled at Noir Carat ? What are the environmental benefits? We tell you everything!

Recycled gold: what is it?

Gold is a precious metal in many ways. Indeed, in addition to being a guarantee of quality, offering a shine and an incomparable color, Gold is also infinitely recyclable!

Recycled gold is derived from the smelting of gold already extracted from mines, which is called above-ground gold. Since its discovery 6,000 years ago, more than 190,000 tons of gold have been extracted from the ground. Today, these stocks are estimated at more than 167,000 tons. That is to say, more than half of the available gold reserves on the planet.

It should be noted that 69% of these gold stocks are held by private individuals and are therefore very easily recyclable.

Recycled gold is obtained from the melting of objects. Manufacturing waste (cuts, filaments, gold dust…), coins, jewelry, teeth and even computer components…

How is the recycling of gold at Noir Carat ?

Noir Carat offers, since recently, gold medals and gold chains, from recycling. These gems are created from the gold of old jewelry, too damaged to be restored.

The gold contained in these jewels is melted and then refined (filtered to be pure). Once the pure gold is recovered, it is combined with other metals to create the 18 karat gold we are so fond of at Noir Carat.

Through this project, we wish to give a second life to gems too damaged by time. We also want to offer everyone the possibility of acquiring a responsible piece of jewelry. Antique jewelry has a decidedly vintage style which, as we know, is not to everyone’s liking. So, with our recycled gold medals and chains, we are now able to offer a new and ecological personalized jewel!

Recycled gold: a committed choice

Today, we all have the opportunity to make a commitment to the environment when we buy new jewelry. We have a choice between recycled gold andFairmined ethical gold.

Choosing to recycle gold is a true ecological and ethical gesture, both for the person selling his or her gold jewelry and for the person who decides to buy recycled jewelry.

This represents a way for everyone not to directly support mining. Indeed,recycled gold does not require gold panning (the process of extracting gold flakes from sand by successive water washings). This solution will also delight the up-cycling or zero waste enthusiasts. Especially since gold retains all its properties after being recycled!

So, are you ready to see jewelry differently and choose recycled gold?

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