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All about Turquoise

Renowned for its hues ranging from azure blue to blue green, turquoise stone is a mineral composed of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. It originates in arid, even desert, and often mountainous soils.


The largest deposits are located in Iran. However, turquoise stone first appeared in the mines of Sinai in ancient Egypt around 4000 BC.

It can be found, for example, on the famous funerary mask of Tutankhamun, the loan of which is now forbidden like the Mona Lisa. To discover it, we will have to wait until 2022 and the opening of the Great Egyptian Museum, planned at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza. An opportunity to plan a trip to Egypt? And why not!

It is also found among the Aztecs where it was incorporated into many protective amulets. Indeed, turquoise is often considered a holy stone and brings good luck.

In Europe, this stone appeared in the 16th century. The main ores were then located in Persia (now Iran) and the stones were brought to France by Turkey. Hence its name. It turns out that “turcois” is from the old French and means today “Turkish”, that is to say “native of Turkey”. Hence Turquoise… the circle is complete!


I will quickly pass on the technical side, this stone of blue color often opaque is part of the family of alumina phosphates. It is the mixture of phosphate impregnated with copper and aluminum that gives it this blue tint. That was the ” It’s not Sorcerer ” minute.

Turquoise stone is often marked by dark veins running through it. It is then characterized as “matrix” or “spider” in English, these irregularities give character, charm and a truly unique side to the stone. This marking is natural and essentially due to the remains of other minerals in the rock from which the turquoise was extracted.

For the anecdote, we speak of turquoise wedding to celebrate the 18 years of marriage. Of course, you have to be patient, but it can be worth it ^^

You now know (almost) everything about turquoise. I hope you enjoyed discovering this stone as much as I enjoyed finding it.

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