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Accueil / Birthstones: tradition and calendar

Birthstones: tradition and calendar

A tradition dating back several millennia associates each month of the year with a particular gemstone , known as the birthstones. These precious minerals are all associated with a symbol or a virtue. They are characterized by different colors and roughness that make them unique and personal stones.

Stones have always been at the heart of various beliefs and we attribute many benefits to them. Each fine stone, born in the depths of the earth, is naturally associated with its own meaning. Protection, justice, creativity or eternal life, the place of gems in jewelry offers a strong symbolic dimension to jewelry.

History and tradition around the birthstones

The tradition of associating stones with a birth month goes back to the biblical writings. Nevertheless, the current list was written in the last century, when it was published by the American Gem Society in 1912. Let’s take a look at the history of our birthstones!

The biblical origin of birthstones

The first references to the twelve stones are found in the Old Testament. Indeed, Aaron wore 12 precious stones engraved on his breastplate to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. A second religious text mentions 12 stones decorated with the names of the apostles. It was only later, during antiquity, that writers established an analogy between the twelve stones carried by Aaron and the twelve months of the year.

Aaron : history of gems in the bible
Aaron – Luke 18:1

The writings of these two authors, Flavius Josephus and Saint Jerome, grant extraordinary powers to the stones of the breastplate of Aaron.

Finally, the treatises of mineralogy written until the beginning of the Renaissance, also called lapidary, describe precisely the physical qualities of stones but also their therapeutic and protective virtues. They are parallel to the astrological signs.

Birthstones: talismans


As you can see, the beliefs about the virtues of stones and their powers have given, over the years, a holistic and spiritual dimension to birthstone jewelry. Giving such jewelry at the birth of a child became a tradition, starting in Germany during the sixteenth century, to spread throughout Europe.

Seen thus as true talismans, the stones have a strong symbolism for their bearer. It is from these beliefs that lithotherapy was born in the 70s. This holistic approach to healing is based on the energy of the stones and their benefits on the emotions, the mind and even the health of the person.

Thus, these small pebbles so precious, captivate humanity since the dawn of time. Not only by their beauty but also by their poetry, their history and their strength.

What is my birthstone?

You wish to know your birthstone in order to offer you a jewel strong of symbolism ? Discover without delay the calendar of Black Carat stones:

January Birthstone:


birthstones calendar : the stone of January

Origin: Africa, India, Brazil.

Color: red brown

Virtues : Protection, courage, joy, vitality, fidelity, will and self-confidence.

February Birthstone:


birthstones calendar: the stone of February

Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar.

Color: purple, mauve

Virtues : Clear-sightedness, serenity, sincerity, creativity, concentration. Removes nightmares.

Birthstone of Mars:


the stone of march

Origin: Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan.

Color: light blue

Virtues : Serenity, communication, love, fidelity, protection.

April birthstone:


diamond birthstone April

Origin: Congo, Australia, Canada.

Color: colorless/white.

Virtues: Courage, strength, purity, commitment, energy.

Birthstone of May :


birthstones calendar : the stone of may

Origin: Colombia, Brazil.

Color: green.

Virtues : Protection, benevolence, righteousness, calm, understanding.

Birthstone of June :


birthstones calendar : the June stone

Origin : China, Japan, Tahiti.

Color: white, cream, light pink, black.

Virtues: Wisdom, altruism, beauty, fullness, innocence, humility.

Birthstone of July :


birthstones calendar : the july stone

Origin : Thailand, Cambodia, Burma.

Color: red.

Virtues: Flamboyance, loyalty, courage, divine love, happiness.

August Birthstone:


the August stone

Origin: Egypt, Arizona, China, Pakistan.

Color: green.

Virtues : Balance, joy, appeasement, confidence, peace, love.

September Birthstone:


birthstones calendar: the stone of September

Origin: Asia, Madagascar, America.

Color: deep blue.

Virtues: Faithfulness, truth, positivity, protection, wisdom, creativity, ambition, appeasement.

October birthstone:


the October stone

Origin: Africa, South America.

Color: pale pink.

Virtues : Soothing, self-confidence, immortality, concentration, hope, repair.

Birthstone of November :


birthstones calendar : the November stone

Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka.

Color: yellow.

Virtues: Radiance, joy of living, positive thinking, success, abundance, balance.

Birthstone of December :


the december stone

Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia.

Color: blue.

Virtues: fidelity, joy, courage, happiness, communication, appeasement.

Find on Noir Carat a selection of antique jewelry decorated with your birthstones, in 18K gold: rings, earrings, pendants, brooches etc.

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